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How to make an electronic press kit (EPK) ?

With EPKpage, it is now super easy for you to create an EPK in 5 minutes or less with no prior knowledge of how to. Gather up your bio, a few photos, your songs, your social media links and sign up to make an electronic press kit now!

EPKpage was designed based on feedback from musicians, venues, booking agents and promoters to help you create the best professional press kit possible with minimal effort. The user friendly and intuitive interface helps you save time and focus on your music while still being able to represent yourself online in a format that booking agents and venues can appreciate.

How to create an EPK for free

Our platform is free for the first 7 days so go ahead, give it a try! Every plan has a 7 day free trial so you can create an an EPK for free and see if it works for you.

What makes EPKpage unique?

EPKpage is the first electronic press kit platform to allow you to export your EPK to .pdf with one click. Our goal is that anyone can make an EPK within five minutes or less so we focus on simplifying the process to make it easy for the artist. We don't sell Ads because we believe in keeping the EPKpage clean and professional with no distractions. EPKpage is easy to update and manage on the go with a tablet or smartphone.

How does EPKpage help me get booked?

Your EPKpage is hosted on a web link (ex: www.epkpage.com/yourband). You can easily send this one link to anyone via email, text message, social media, or any channel you prefer to communicate when booking. Once you send your link to venues, club owners, promoters, booking agents, managers, or talent buyers, they access your EPKpage and instantly view everything they need to book you.

Will you book my band?

EPKpage is not a booking agency. We exist to provide artists with a tool they need to advance their careers.

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