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Artists, Musicians, Bands, DJs, Singers, Songwriters, Labels, Managers, Booking Agencies

How does help you?

People often come to me trying to book a gig and they say, "Hey, send me a link to your electronic press kit," and I say, "Go to the website," and they’re not usually interested in that. They usually just want it all in one place so EPKpage has brought that to us.

Matt Isbell, Ghost Town Blues Band

It's very useful because it's straight to the point. It displays all your attributes...everything that the person who will hire you will want to know about. Perfect for booking all these different events domestically and internationally.

Singa Bromfield, Memphis Getwells

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The best part is all your EPK content is displayed on one page making it easier to get booked by sharing one link.

It’s like a digital resumé. EPKpage helps you get organized with a clean,
professional, electronic press kit page that is
easy to manage on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Simply create an EPK to instantly unlock the incredible booking advantage
that major record labels and successful artists have been using to get on stage.

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